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Mastering your Sales & Business Development 

Helping you build a better business in The Netherlands 

What we do for you

We offer business development, sales management and business counsel support on a project basis. Do you understand the real commercial value of your products and services? Do you want to grow and be more successful?

Let Clarify help your company to build and grow the business. Our services are field tested and driven by innovation, automation and people for the personal touch. Clarify helps your company with key improvement strategies and a fresh go to market model. Find out what we can do for you. 

Who are you?

Your Company is based in the Netherlands or abroad. You have a promising idea, product or service. You want to enter the market and fast results. Clarify can help you to represent your brand and solutions in a professional way. Together we activate your revenue stream and connect with new partners and customers.

Flexibility and Results

Working with Clarify is the right choice. Based on your objectives we will render the right business approach. Working with us means you eliminate fixed overhead costs, like costs for hiring new sales power, fixed employee costs, cost for laptops, mobile phones, office equipment and real estate.

What our references say

"I can strongly recommend John and would hire him again"
Hans Otterling - CEO

"John is just a perfect partner at work: He has a great team spirit, is very professional, customer oriented, business oriented, and always listening and trying to help"



With >25 years of Sales & Business Development experience we have gained deep market knowledge. We help your company to move forward and aim to unlock your business potential so you succeed in the digital age.

Capture Business

Business Development covers several tasks. Starting from how to capture the opportunities then going through the process of the opportunity cycle, ending with the contract signed. We help your company to get the job done.

The Secret

When working with clients, methodology is required. The Secret is know about and identify the "Why". Our methodology provides proven customer friendly and long-term business development and sales management.

Activate Business

We listen to our clients to render the relevant consulting package that meets our clients requirements. We are proactive, driven and passionate about what we do when activating your business growth.

About us & contact us

Developing business is a fascinating job. Nothing happens until someone sells something. My goal is to be a valuable contact for clients, helping them achieving their goals. 

John Peters

Capta Management B.V.
QMS (Acquired by Minolta) 
StreamServe (Acquired by OpenText) 
Retailboxplus B.V.
Nokavision Software B.V.
Jan de Cock Mode

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Office: Tilburg, The Netherlands
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